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“Fight against fusion forum”

Preserving Movement in Hallux MTPJ Arthritis

“Fight against fusion forum”

Preserving Movement in Hallux MTPJ Arthritis

Date: Thursday 26th November 2020
Time: 19:00 GMT
Duration: 90 Minutes
CPD Points: 1.5 (applied for)

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Overview & learning objectives

The purpose of the discussion is to discuss a treatment algorithm suitable to preserve motion of the arthritic 1st MTPJ.  The learning objectives are to gain an understanding of where each option falls along the progression of the disease.  To better understand this will allow the clinician to better treat Hallux rigidus for the life span of the patient.

Event details

Topics covered in the following order:
Each presentation is approx 5 mins in duration followed by interactive Q&A:

– Injection Therapies. When and with what?
– Micronised Fat/ Lipogems. Is it the future?
– Chilectomy. MIS/arthroscopic/open
– Osteotomy options. When and how
– AMIC. A promising alternative solution?
– Spacers/Cartiva. Pitfalls and problems
– HemiCAP. The right solution for the right patient?
– Fusion. Problems and fuctional issues

Faculty Panel

Mr Anand Pillai, Convenor

University Hospital South Manchester


Mr Jason Eyre

Mid Yorkshire Hospitals


Dr Federico Usuelli

San Pio X Milan


Mr Adam Ajis

Western Sussex Hospital


Mr Krishna Vemulapalli

Queens Hospital Romford


Mr Kailash Devalia

Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead


Mr R Carter



Mr Mark Farndon

Harrogate & District NHS FT


Ms Roslyn Miller

NHS Lanarkshire University Hospitals Trust


Mr Malik Siddique

Freeman Hospital, Newcastle


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