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On-demand education

On-demand education

Basingstoke Knee Osteotomy Masterclass 2020

Date: 6th & 7th February 2020
Venue:North Hampshire Hospital, Basingstoke
Convenors: Sam Yasen & Mike Risebury


Session 1 – Background

  • Welcome
    Sam Yasen & Mike Risebury
  • History of osteotomy
    Mike Risebury
  • Why legs are shaped the way they are?
    Bob Teitge
  • Biomechanics of osteotomy around the knee
    Chris Wilson
  • Discussion

Session 2 – The Basics

  • Digital planning for osteotomy surgery
    David Howard
  • HTO Surgical Technique – Live surgery demonstration
    Theatre: Mike Risebury
    Lecture: Sam Yasen
  • Surgical planning for osteotomy surgery (incomplete)
    David Elson
  • Bodycad Lunchtime Workshop
    Mike Risebury

Session 3 – Indications & Results

  • Standard and extended indications for osteotomy
    Chris Wilson
  • Results of osteotomy around the knee
    Aadil Mumith
  • Complications of osteotomy
    Aadil Mumith
    David Elson
  • Indications & results
    Panel discussion

Session 3 – Improving Accuracy

  • Should we fill the gap? Bone wedges in HTO
    Nick Fawcett
  • Achieving more accurate results with 3D planning
    Etienne Belzile
  • Improving accuracy
    Panel discussion
  • Managing medial OA: Osteotomy and UKR
    Nick Bottomley


Session 1 – DFO Basics

  • Introduction to DFO Surgical technique
    Mike Risebury
  • DFO Live surgery
    Theatre: Sam Yasen
    Lecture: Mike Risebury
  • 3D Printing by Newclip Tech
    Xavier Peiffert

Session 2 – Complex Osteotomy

  • Advanced planning techniques – managing high JLCA
    Sam Yasmen
  • Double osteotomy
    Minhal Chatoo
  • Osteotomy & ligament surgery & slope changing
    Mike Risebury
  • Osteotomy for torsional deformity
    Bob Teitge

Session 3 – Osteotomy in Practice

  • Setting up an osteotomy service
    Raj Thakrar
  • Introducing osteotomy into your practice
    Minhal Chatoo
  • Discussion & closing remarks (bad audio)
    Sam Yasen
    Mike Risebury
    Bob Teitge

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